21 dec 2012

21 december 2012 is the last day of Mayan Calendar.

Coincidently it is also our last day of performative expedition and last night in Malmö.

Please join us for the finissage, which will end with more actions and we will go celebrate by crashing others opening!!!

Gallery opening hours is  kl 14 00 -18 00 (2pm – 6pm)

Performance action by Joakim Stampe and Chuyia Chia at kl 15 00 (3pm) and kl 17 00 (5pm)

For overseas audience please visit through http://ustre.am/RO60, Time: 10pm and 12am  in Southeast Asia,  11am and 1pm in Santiago, 9am and 11am in East-cost in USA, and so on.

So, visit us in the gallery for lives at Rostrum Gallery Västergatan 21, 211 21 Malmö today, or visit our lives at http://ustre.am/RO60, meanwhile check our update and activity on https://16malmo.wordpress.com

Total Art Journal


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hostage Björn


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