20 dec 2012

Last 2 days of expedition and performance art action in Rostrum Gallery.

Gallery opening hours is  kl 14 00 -18 00 (2pm – 6pm)

Performance action by Joakim Stampe and Chuyia Chia at kl 15 00 (3pm) and kl 17 00 (5pm)

For overseas audience please visit through http://ustre.am/RO60, Time: 10pm and 12am  in Southeast Asia,  11am and 1pm in Santiago, 9am and 11am in East-cost in USA, and so on.

So, visit us in the gallery for lives at Rostrum Gallery Västergatan 21, 211 21 Malmö today, or visit our lives at http://ustre.am/RO60, meanwhile check our update and activity on https://16malmo.wordpress.com

DSC_0047Cooking performance art, action by chuyia chia. photo by chuyia chia

material: inedible performance art material with spices.